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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwardenwar‧den /ˈwɔːdn $ ˈwɔːrdn/ noun [countable]  1 BORULE/REGULATIONa person who is responsible for a particular place and whose job is to make sure its rules are obeyedwarden of the warden of the collegeforest/park etc warden churchwarden, game warden, traffic warden2 American EnglishSCJBO the person in charge of a prison syn governor British English3 British EnglishBOLOOK AFTER somebody someone who takes care of a building and the people in it, for example a place such as a home for old people
Examples from the Corpus
wardenSome Forest wardens had the right to hunt certain animals and to take certain birds of prey used in hawking.A settlement of flats and bungalows house about 20 senior citizens, with a resident warden.The warden usually had under him foresters of fee, whose hereditary offices were subject to the usual feudal incidents.The warden was a wonderful guy and he mentioned my daughter's name to these girls and one of them knew her!A traffic warden, finding an empty car, gave the Vicar a parking ticket.He was accompanied for short stretches of his route by National Trust wardens.forest/park etc wardenEach Sunday a voluntary park warden will lead the way on a six hour walk to Silver How.
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