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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarehousingware‧hous‧ing /ˈweəhaʊzɪŋ $ ˈwer-/ noun [uncountable]  the business or practice of storing large quantities of goods, especially in warehouses warehousing costs warehousing and distribution
Examples from the Corpus
warehousingThey handle and transport materials, make and assemble parts, and do quality checks and warehousing.It is possible that future developments in storage and warehousing may intensify these problems.We are concerned about the rising cost of warehousing.Redlands, therefore, is ideally placed for the establishment of warehousing, distribution, commercial and service facilities and hotel development.But the biggest demand for non-manufacturing robots will be in the more mundane fields of warehousing and transport.Yarn stocks have also been reduced and the warehousing of stocked Prelude and Medley carpet ranges has moved to Elderslie.
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