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wareswares /weəz $ werz/ noun [plural] old-fashioned  BBTthings that are for sale, usually not in a shop craftspeople selling their waressee thesaurus at product
Examples from the Corpus
waresPackard Bell, based in Sacramento, Calif., has traditionally marketed its wares to the former group.No, it's the gift-buyer who's interested in Pipestem's wares, Hoffert said.Others might be pedlars, moving between the factions selling wares.The liquor store had a metal grating separating the customers from the wares.Most big tournaments have a tent in which the major manufacturers of equipment and clothing display their wares.Other companies - from tour operators to stockbrokers - buy pages on the system to display their wares.Along the sidewalk were artists displaying their wares.And the major off-line brands aren't promoting their wares on the Internet as much as expected.With so many people eager to show their wares, the exhibition has been split, with different people showing each week.selling ... waresThe road over the drawbridge is lined with women making lace and selling their wares.At least 30 craftspeople will be demonstrating their skills and selling their wares, all beautifully sited in marquees on the lawns.Others might be pedlars, moving between the factions selling wares.Marcel was waking up, enchanted by the songs of peasants selling their wares beneath his window.
From Longman Business Dictionarywareswares /weəzwerz/ noun [plural]COMMERCE things that are for saleShoppers are willing to spend extra money for environmentally conscious wares.The companies will develop products together, and may even sell some of each others’ wares.
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