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warfarewar‧fare /ˈwɔːfeə $ ˈwɔːrfer/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 PMWARthe activity of fighting in a war – used especially when talking about particular methods of fighting the realities of modern warfarechemical/nuclear/germ etc warfaretrench/jungle/mountain etc warfareguerrilla warfare (=fighting by small groups of fighters in mountains, forests etc)see thesaurus at war2 FIGHT FOR OR AGAINST somethinga continuous and often violent struggle or argument between different groupsclass/gang/internecine etc warfare the problems of drugs and gang warfare psychological warfare at psychological(3)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + warfare chemical warfare (=using chemicals, for example poisonous gases, as weapons)the consequences of America’s chemical warfare in Vietnambiological/germ warfare (=using dangerous bacteria or illnesses as a weapon)These bacteria might be used in biological warfare.nuclear warfarethe appalling consequences of nuclear warfare.conventional warfare (=not nuclear)They had a stronger conventional warfare capability.ground warfare (=fighting on the ground, rather than in the air or on the sea)Ground warfare took a heavy toll in casualties.trench warfare (=fighting from long holes dug into the ground)There he experienced the full horrors of trench warfare.jungle warfareThe Japanese had been trained in jungle warfare.guerrilla warfare (=involving a small unofficial military group)Sporadic fighting turned into full-scale guerrilla warfare.naval warfareThe age of modern naval warfare was at hand.verbswage warfareRebels waged guerrilla warfare against the occupying army.engage in warfareThe country did not want to engage in warfare.
Examples from the Corpus
warfareMany people believe that what happened in 1940 was a British chemical warfare experiment that went wrong.a secret underground chemical warfare plantThe rebels aimed to overthrow the government through protracted guerrilla warfare.As in human warfare, chemical defences are essentially deterrents rather than everyday weapons.the history of modern warfareIt quickly made Hanoi the most heavily bombed city in the history of warfare.guerrilla warfareThe directive did not yet call for guerrilla warfare.Detailed plans for Operation Mayibuye, an outline for guerrilla warfare and foreign intervention, were revealed.I was in the jungle now and developing a taste for guerrilla warfare.Their strategy seems to be widespread but low- level guerrilla warfare to discredit and destabilise the Phnom Penh government.They also collected some weapons recovered from parishioners and - more important in this mounted guerrilla warfare - they collected several saddles.She did not notice that we had left the age of guerrilla warfare.He has studied the art of guerrilla warfare, he's read Mao.New Delhi need do no more than keep Kashmir under military occupation and keep the lid on guerrilla warfare.class/gang/internecine etc warfareThen in 1967 he stumbled on the bizarre internecine warfare of the genes that we shall meet in chapter 4.As you see, the perfect recipe for gang warfare.It is engaged in internecine warfare over the general provision of indemnity insurance for investors.Dexter's interest lies not in gang warfare, but in the character of Peter Flood.By 2015, bitter enmities played themselves out in gang warfare, narcotics traffic, and addiction.He accuses Boxer and others who are trying to outlaw his handguns of waging a kind of class warfare.The gang warfare ripping through the shanties is fuelled by what has replaced politics after Aristide: prostitution, drugs and ritual.This was gang warfare of a thoroughly nasty kind.
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