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warhorsewar‧horse /ˈwɔːhɔːs $ ˈwɔːrhɔːrs/ noun [countable]  1 informalPMPGO a soldier or politician who has been in their job a long time, and enjoys dealing with all the difficulties involved in it2 HBAPMa horse used in battle
Examples from the Corpus
warhorseIt really was a magnificent creature, more of a warhorse than an everyday hack.Profiles for the crew and warhorses have also been included for convenience.An old warhorse for a new air force.Nevertheless, Kenneth Branagh has saddled up the old warhorse and given it new colours.The warhorses are assumed to be slain or incapacitated, but any surviving crew may continue to fight on foot.The warhorses have their own attacks and these are resolved in the normal way.
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