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warlockwar‧lock /ˈwɔːlɒk $ ˈwɔːrlɑːk/ noun [countable]  ROMa man who has magical powers, especially evil powers syn sorcerer, wizard
Examples from the Corpus
warlockTo this end she had apprenticed herself to a warlock in Forfar.Indeed, rumours about Ruthven were rife - how he was a warlock because he was left-handed and talked to his cat.He didn't believe in witches, sorcerers and warlocks.Some people said Wolsey hired him as a defence against other wizards and warlocks.Was it some demon raised by a witch or warlock?For a few moments more the warlock held his/her shape and Jaq almost despaired.Primitive myth comes to us through the kindness of shamans, village elders, witches, warlocks, and medicine men.
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