2 verb
warm2 also warm up [intransitive and transitive]
to make someone or something warm or warmer, or to become warm or warmer:
They gathered round the fire to warm their hands.
warm yourself
Warm yourself by the fire.

warm to somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 to begin to like someone you have just met:
Bruce didn't warm to him as he had to Casey.
2 to become more eager, interested, or excited about something
warm to a theme/subject/topic etc
The more she spoke, the more she warmed to her subject.
Voters are starting to warm up to the idea.

warm up

phrasal verb

make warm

to become warm, or to make someone or something warm:
With the fire on, the room should soon warm up.
Once the weather warms up, you can move the plants outdoors.
warm something ↔ up
I turned on the grill to warm it up.
warm somebody up
Come inside and have a drink. It'll warm you up.


to heat food, especially food that has already been cooked, so that it is hot enough to eat, or to become hot enough to eat
warm something ↔ up
I'll put the lasagne in the oven to warm it up.

do exercises

DSAPD to do gentle physical exercises to prepare your body for dancing, sport etc:
The runners began warming up.
warm-up1 (1), warm-up2 (2)


TTC if a machine or engine warms up, or if you warm it up, it becomes ready to work properly after being switched on:
He waited for the photocopier to warm up.
warm something ↔ up
He started to warm up the aircraft's engines.


DL if a party, election etc warms up, it starts to become enjoyable or interesting, especially because more is happening:
The race for governor is beginning to warm up.


if musicians, singers, or performers warm up, they practise just before a performance:
The band had little time to warm up before going on stage.

perform/speak first

to perform or speak first at an event, so that the people listening are relaxed or excited before the main singer, speaker etc comes on
warm somebody ↔ up
He warmed up the audience by telling them a few jokes.
warm up for
They warmed up for U2 on one of their early tours.

➔ look/feel like death warmed up/over

at death (8)

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