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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarmingwarm‧ing1 /ˈwɔːmɪŋ $ ˈwɔːr-/ adjective  HOTmaking you feel pleasantly warm a warming cup of cocoa
Examples from the Corpus
warmingIndeed, infra-red light is chiefly responsible for the general warming effect of solar radiation.The Good Food Fast recipes on page 143 provide warming ideas to please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.This temporarily exceeds the warming impact of the greenhouse effect.Long before dawn, I was propped on an elbow, with a warming mug of tea and a few verses of Romans.Meredith's resentment was replaced by a warming sense of friendliness.
warmingwarming2 noun [singular]  1 HOTan increase in the temperature of somethingwarming of the warming of the ocean currents in the Pacific global warming2 a situation in which a relationship becomes more friendlywarming of the warming of relations between Britain and Iran
Examples from the Corpus
warmingLately, there has been a warming in U.S.-Chinese relations.Such as global warming - and the West using less of the oil that the Gulf crisis is actually all about.These will all reduce emissions from fossil fuels and so help combat global warming and acid deposition.Whether the continued global warming and associated changes in atmospheric circulation will occur steadily is unknown.Half a decade on, global warming has become the biggest environment story.He lost battles with the chief of staff, John Sununu, over global warming and wetland preservation.Washington continues to challenge the scientific claim that global warming is in part caused by emissions of carbon dioxide.Scientists predict a gradual warming of the Earth caused by pollution.They suggest that forecasts of warming may have to revised downwards.Carbon Dioxide An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide is responsible for about half the total warming.
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