1 noun
warn‧ing1 S3 W2
1 [uncountable and countable] something, especially a statement, that tells you that something bad, dangerous, or annoying might happen so that you can be ready or avoid itCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
warning that without (any) warning issue a warning give/sound a warning heed a warning (=take notice of it) advance/prior warning (=when you tell someone about something so they know it will happen) health warning (=a warning that something is bad for your health) a word of warning (=used before a warning when giving advice)
warning of
a warning of floods
warning about
warnings about the dangers of smoking
warning against
This experience should serve others as a warning against complacency.
warning to
a warning to pregnant women not to drink alcohol
a warning that grey squirrels are threatening the existence of red squirrels
Without warning, the soldiers started firing into the crowd.
The government have issued a warning that the fish may not be fit to eat.
Before he could give a warning, he slammed on the brakes.
The danger was there for all to see, but we failed to heed the warning.
Employers must provide advance warning of office closures.
the government health warning on packs of cigarettes
A word of warning: don't use a metal container.
2 [countable] a statement telling someone that if they continue to behave in an unsatisfactory way, they will be punished:
The Surrey team were given a warning last year for repeated offences.
I'm giving you a final warning - don't be late again.

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