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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarpedwarped /wɔːpt $ wɔːrpt/ adjective  1 STRANGEsomeone who is warped has ideas or thoughts that most people think are unpleasant or not normal a warped mind You really have a warped sense of humour (=think strange and unpleasant things are funny).2 BENDsomething that is warped is bent or twisted so that it is not the correct shape
Examples from the Corpus
warpedSome of my professors at college were pretty warped.The window frames are warped.The window frames on the front of the house were badly warped.Decayed, warped and neglected, it stood proudly on its solid foundations, displaying a still sturdy brick frame.An old man was sweeping the warped boards of the front porch.When midway through the set four go-go dancers appear, the warped cabaret becomes all too slick and momentum is lost.In his statement the chief of police said, "We are dealing with a warped mind, and we have to take all precautions."Only someone with a warped sense of humor would think the accident is funny.It was a story that was tinged with fabrication, told by a notorious liar with a warped sense of reality.

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