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warrantywar‧ran‧ty /ˈwɒrənti $ ˈwɔː-, ˈwɑː-/ ●○○ noun (plural warranties) [countable]  BBTa written agreement in which a company selling something promises to repair it if it breaks within a particular period of timeunder warranty The car is still under warranty. a three-year warrantyguarantee
Examples from the Corpus
warrantyManufacturers may be prepared to offer product support in the form of a warranty or repair or replacement service.Almost all the equipment on offer will be second hand, but warranties are offered on most products.The contract will generally contain an express warranty intended to be in substitution for a condition which would otherwise be imposed.Car retailers sell vehicles with various kinds of warranties concerning replacement of faulty parts at the suppliers expense.Culver noted that water heaters come with two types of warranties, five years and 10 years.The stores return the systems to the manufacturers, who check out the machines and renew their warranties before they are auctioned.The product has a 10-year warranty against wear, fading or staining.There's your warranty of a way out.under warrantyIf the car is still under warranty , they will replace the part free of charge.
From Longman Business Dictionarywarrantywar‧ran‧ty /ˈwɒrəntiˈwɔː-, ˈwɑː-/ noun (plural warranties) [countable, uncountable]COMMERCELAW a written promise that a company gives to a customer, stating that it will repair or replace a product they have bought if it breaks during a certain period of time SYN GUARANTEEWe offer a 12-month basic warranty on all car parts.If the set isn’tunder warranty, repairs by a registered dealer could cost up to 25% more. express warranty implied warranty see also breach of warranty
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