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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarywar‧y /ˈweəri $ ˈweri/ ●○○ adjective  CAREFULsomeone who is wary is careful because they think something might be dangerous or harmfulbe wary of (doing) something I’m a bit wary of driving in this fog.wary of We must teach children to be wary of strangers. Keep a wary eye on the weather before you set sail. She had a wary expression on her face.wariness noun [singular, uncountable] a wariness in her voicewarily adverb She eyed him warily.
Examples from the Corpus
waryA natural gas explosion that killed three and injured more than 20 others in 1992 has made the community particularly wary.As for coming out: you are very wary.The problems with selling the house had made her much more wary about financial matters.Consumers have become very wary and are spending much less.One of the guards was fiddling with his radio, all the time keeping a wary eye on the five prisoners.Be wary of advisers who recommend that you sell all your current investments in order to buy new ones.Wary of becoming entangled in her friend's family quarrels, Eileen made an excuse and left.She had become extremely wary of relationships as a result of her childhood experiences.One also needs to be wary of the inequalities that market mechanisms bring in their wake.be wary of (doing) somethingCongress is wary of becoming too dependent on foreign oil.He was wary of it, thinking it might be living, but he saw it was just another machine.W01111n, like birds, have learned to be wary of men; they pass the wariness on, genetically.It was broken, and we should be wary of returning to such a rigid system.I longed to ask questions but was wary of revealing my complete lack of local knowledge.The Chancellor should be wary of the argument that the deficit does not matter because it is in the private sector.One also needs to be wary of the inequalities that market mechanisms bring in their wake.Other parishioners were wary of unleashing political passions in the parish.
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