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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwashbasinwash‧ba‧sin /ˈwɒʃˌbeɪsən $ ˈwɒːʃ-, ˈwɑːʃ-/ noun [countable]  DHCa container like a small sink used for washing your hands and face
Examples from the Corpus
washbasinDown a dark hall was a washbasin and beyond that a toilet and small kitchen.The £32 million remand prison has 156 single and 72 shared cells, each with its own lavatory and washbasin.Check that worktops and washbasins are the right height.They're shipping out cast iron baths, washbasins and tiles to the Land of the Rising Sun.In the kitchen of the future we should find an extra washbasin solely for decontamination.The guard usually sat by the washbasin in the hall, his hat balanced on his knee.I staggered across to the washbasins.To my left as I entered were two washbasins with a single cold-water faucet and a bar of soap on the side.
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