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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwashed-outˌwashed-ˈout adjective  1 COLOUR/COLORnot brightly coloured anymore, usually as a result of being washed many times a washed-out shade of blue2 TIRED[not before noun] feeling weak and looking unhealthy because you are very tired Debbie’s looking a bit washed-out.3 American English a washed-out road has been damaged by rain or floods and cannot be driven on
Examples from the Corpus
washed-outMr. Field always looked washed-out.The photograph looks kind of washed-out.The coach driver weaves his way through washed-out bits of road.His eyes are a washed-out blue.He'd swopped the black tracksuit for close-fitting washed-out denims and a loose crew-neck navy sweatshirt.The last time I saw Helena she was looking pretty washed-out. Is she alright?I wore one of his shirts, a shirt several sizes too big, a washed-out pool-bottom blue.Two men died and two boys were seriously injured as vehicles ran afoul of washed-out roads.The trail was gated due to several washed-out sections; government cutbacks have kept engineers from repairing the damage.
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