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washerwash‧er /ˈwɒʃə $ ˈwɒːʃər, ˈwɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 DTa thin flat ring of plastic, metal, rubber etc that is put over a bolt before the nut is put on, or between two pipes, to make a tighter joint2 informalDHC a washing machine
Examples from the Corpus
washerInsertinch carriage bolts about 7 inches long to accommodate a washer and a nut on the inside of the beam.This point means that where a motor vehicle is required to be fitted with wipers it must also have washers.Come me little washer lad, come let's away, We're bound down to slavery for fourpence a day.The soft, perished feel of the old washer which rubbed black on your fingers as you took it out of the tap.In another bathroom I replaced the washers in the faucets that were leaking.For recession-weary washers, lower bills may sound just as attractive as greener laundry - as it were.Visibility is important; check the windshield washer reservoir before you start out.
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