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washerwomanwash‧er‧wom‧an /ˈwɒʃəˌwʊmən $ ˈwɒːʃər-, ˈwɑː-/ noun (plural washerwomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable]  BOWASHa woman in the past whose job was to wash other people’s clothes
Examples from the Corpus
washerwomanHe would look wonderful dressed as a washerwoman.She worked as a washerwoman for several households, beginning her work at dawn.And gabbing away like a washerwoman on every subject under the sun.Some were to be tenanted by cooks, washerwomen, labourers and grooms.Still more of the widows went out as chars or washerwomen, and a few minded children.Like it or not, you are in truth of the commonalty - the orphaned daughter of a poor washerwoman.
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