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washing-up liquid

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washing-up liquidˌwashing-ˈup ˌliquid ●●○ noun [uncountable] British English  DHCa liquid soap for washing plates, knives etc
Examples from the Corpus
washing-up liquidFrom the emotions It's nice of the Persil people to come up with a washing-up liquid.After all, the best washing-up liquid in the world can't keep your skin as soft as we can.I hope that's ozone-friendly washing-up liquid they're using.If the greenery is grimy add a drop of washing-up liquid.An organic alternative to proprietary sprays is a strong solution of soap or washing-up liquid in warm water.From the reason Persil washing-up liquid comes from the people who make Persil.Washing dollies Warm water, washing-up liquid, scrubbing brush and cloths, plus waterproof dolls, are an irresistible combination.
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