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waste no time (in) doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaste no time (in) doing somethingwaste no time (in) doing somethingFAST/QUICKto do something as quickly as you can because it will help you He wasted no time in introducing himself. waste
Examples from the Corpus
waste no time (in) doing somethingPeter wasted no time finding himself another girlfriend.Additionally, less electricity is used and the chef wastes no time waiting for the correct temperature to be reached.Emil, the crew and I wasted no time watching.If it demurred, the Corps might waste no time in trying to build it instead.Lee wasted no time entering Maryland, the men being in high spirits as the bold move was made.Ringwald wastes no time wedging herself between McGaw and his coed girlfriend, Sarah Lassez.Shouting to Wemyss to cope with this situation, Douglas wasted no time.The man's wife had wasted no time going through his closets picking up worn and odd pairs.The Right was wasting no time, meanwhile.
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