Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old North French
Origin: waster, from Latin vastare; DEVASTATE


2 verb
waste2 S2 W3 [transitive]

not use sensibly

to use more money, time, energy etc than is useful or sensible:
Leaving the heating on all the time wastes electricity.
waste something on somebody/something
Don't waste your money on that junk!

not use fully

[usually passive] to not make full use of someone or something:
Hannah's wasted in that clerical job.
His talents were being wasted as a lawyer.

be wasted on somebody

if something is wasted on someone, they do not understand how good or useful it is:
Her good advice was wasted on the children.

waste your breath

spoken to say something that has no effect:
Don't try to reason with Paul - you're wasting your breath.

waste no time (in) doing something

to do something as quickly as you can because it will help you:
He wasted no time in introducing himself.

waste not, want not

spoken used to say that if you use what you have carefully, you will still have some of it if you need it later

harm somebody

informal American English to kill someone, severely injure them, or defeat them

waste away

phrasal verb
MI to gradually become thinner and weaker, usually because you are ill

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