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wasted journey/trip/effort etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwasted journey/trip/effort etcwasted journey/trip/effort etcWASTE somethinga journey etc that does not achieve anything I’m sorry you’ve had a wasted trip. Mr Newton isn’t here. wasted
Examples from the Corpus
wasted journey/trip/effort etcBy providing clear goals and objectives, it minimises frustration and wasted effort. 4.Not a wasted journey, after all, but she was anxious to carry on.It could save you a lot of wasted effort and money.If no-one answered soon he would have to chalk it up as a wasted trip, and Montgomery would not be amused.As processes improve, it cuts out much of the wasted effort and rework, thus enhancing productivity.What a ridiculously wasted effort this was, Bill.Pembrooke had a wasted journey to Downpatrick yesterday.Not that it was a completely wasted trip, what with the hardware store right next door.
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