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wastelandwaste‧land /ˈweɪstlænd, -lənd/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 SGAREAan unattractive area, often with old ruined buildings, factories etc on iturban/industrial wasteland the restoration of industrial wasteland2 a place, situation, or time that has no excitement or interest syn desert The seventies were a cultural wasteland.
Examples from the Corpus
wastelandThe area down by the docks is just a wasteland.a barren desert wastelandThe £35,000 classic was found abandoned on wasteland without a scratch.Detectives discovered the man's body dumped on wasteland near the railway.It is said that the seafloor is a desert, a vast and uniform wasteland, all but devoid of life.Saturday morning television is still the vast wasteland it was 10 years ago.urban/industrial wastelandTravellers journeying into the town no longer look out on an industrial wasteland the ramshackle legacy of Darlington's past.What the mass of urban wasteland needs lies between these extremes.The metropolis also houses a host of smaller patches of urban wasteland from a few hundred square metres to several hectares.Two features of this succession on urban wasteland are particularly interesting.Five years later the industrial wasteland is a thriving mini-Docklands with homes, offices, roads, Victorian-style bridges and modern services.Down the mean streets of the urban wasteland treads psychiatrist Trevor Turner, looking for the tell-tale signs.
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