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wastepaper basket

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wastepaper basketwaste‧pa‧per bas‧ket /ˌweɪstˈpeɪpə ˌbɑːskət, ˈweɪstˌpeɪpə- $ ˈweɪstˌpeɪpər ˌbæ-/ ●●○ noun [countable] British English  wastepaper_basket.jpg DHa small container for holding paper, cans etc that are not wanted syn wastebasket American English
Examples from the Corpus
wastepaper basketShe stomped around the room with a wastepaper basket, collecting the obscene dolls.She dropped it into her wastepaper basket.He got up, looked around, and kicked his wastepaper basket as hard as he could.But the advent of the computer game generation and the recession has consigned Roy of the Rovers to football's wastepaper basket.Getting up from rummaging in the wastepaper basket, she bumped her head, very lightly, on the sink.Draft after draft was relegated to the wastepaper basket.The documents travel from printing press to wastepaper basket in one uninterrupted motion.
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