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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwatchfulwatch‧ful /ˈwɒtʃfəl $ ˈwɑːtʃ-, ˈwɒːtʃ-/ adjective  1 CAREFULvery careful to notice what is happening, and to make sure that everything is all right The entrances are guarded by watchful security staff. His eyes were watchful. Keep a watchful eye on elderly residents.2 under somebody’s watchful eyewatchfully adverbwatchfulness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
watchfulWe can see the soft expression in their eyes, caring and solicitous, watchful.It was as if the Holy Spirit had taken his hands off and was standing back, observing, watchful.To guarantee the safety of your children in the water, make sure that a watchful adult is on hand at all times.Alan became more watchful and uneasy as the evening went on.There is a further constraint in that the Ministry of Defence will keep a watchful eye on any potential partner or owner.Bill was in the kitchen, keeping a watchful eye on the children as he prepared lunch.Up to now the police have played a passive role with the hippies, preferring to keep a watchful eye on them.She felt absolutely helpless and extremely vulnerable standing completely unclothed under his watchful eyes.The fans left the ground quietly, under the watchful gaze of security cameras.The restaurant was full of the usual noontime pack of watchful lobbyists and string-pullers.Then he saw the watchful, ruthless, dissatisfied eyes.Your watchful siblings are the editors perched on your lamp shade, magnifying glasses poised to catch your mistakes.eyes ... watchfulFeet astride, knees flexed, bodies perfectly balanced, the two began circling slowly, eyes locked, watchful.Six feet tall, in his forties, his manner was detached, his grey eyes watchful.Dexter watched the husband's eyes grow watchful and his hand rise to brush the side of his nose.His eyes were watchful, unfriendly.
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