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watchtowerwatch‧tow‧er /ˈwɒtʃˌtaʊə $ ˈwɑːtʃˌtaʊər, ˈwɒːtʃ-/ noun [countable]  TBBa high tower used for watching and guarding a place
Examples from the Corpus
watchtowerThe gunman began shooting from a watchtower, then chased the girls down a hill, spraying gunfire as he ran.A forest ranger discovered the grisly scene after noticing the blaze from a nearby watchtower.The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.The Government could take down the watchtowers in South Armagh with few consequences for security; it could also reduce troop numbers.From the watchtowers a dust cloud is spied on the horizon.Although partially ruined, the watchtower had been rebuilt and fortified by Skarsnik's Goblins.The watchtowers had gone, so had the barbed wire.A security fence, with watchtowers, protects the base against attack by ground forces.
Watchtower, TheThe WatchtowerWatchtower, The trademark  a magazine produced by the religious group the Jehovah's Witnesses, who go to people's houses and try to persuade them to buy it
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