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water fountain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwater fountainˈwater ˌfountain noun [countable]  1 TBWATERa drinking fountain2 a water cooler
Examples from the Corpus
water fountainOf course, what Dooley did at the water fountain was only half the story!Apparently, Buster Austin had broken in line behind Dooley at the water fountain.I take a long drink at the water fountain, wondering what virus I might catch.Try not to curse when the girls are gossiping at the water fountain and all you want is a drink.I found the stairs and headed down, catching her at the water fountain just outside the locker rooms.Simon stood to the side, hand still on the water fountain, watching Harriet and Tony Angotti.The water fountain became an altar, standing on marble pillars and graced by its own fan design.
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