2 verb
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water2 S3


[transitive]TA if you water plants or the ground they are growing in, you pour water on them:
Will you water my houseplants while I'm away?
The garden needs watering daily.

your eyes water

HBH if your eyes water, tears come out of them:
Chopping onions makes my eyes water.

; ➔ make your mouth water

at mouth1 (11)


[transitive]TADHP to give an animal water to drink:
Have the horses been fed and watered?


[transitive usually passive] technicalSG if an area is watered by a river, the river flows through it and provides it with water:
Colombia is watered by several rivers.


also water down [transitive]DFD to add water to a drink to make it less strong

water something ↔ down

phrasal verb
1 to make a statement, report etc less forceful by changing it or removing parts that may offend people - used to show disapproval:
The report of the investigation had been watered down.
2DFD to add water to a drink to make it less strong [= dilute]
WORD FOCUS: garden WORD FOCUS: garden
parts of a garden: lawn, flowerbed, hedge, patio, rockery, pond, greenhouse, compost heap, kitchen garden

things you do in the garden: cut the grass/mow the lawn, weed the flowerbeds, sow seeds, plant flowers/bushes/trees, water the plants, cut back/prune roses and other bushes, trim the hedge

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