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watercolourwa‧ter‧col‧our British English, watercolor American English /ˈwɔːtəˌkʌlə $ ˈwɔːtərˌkʌlər, ˈwɑː-/ noun  1 watercolours.jpg [countable usually plural, uncountable]AVP a type of paint that you mix with water Margaret began experimenting with watercolor.2 [countable]AVP a picture painted using watercolours a watercolour of the castle
Examples from the Corpus
watercolourThe acrylic is not effective to use in the traditional opaque sense, it must be treated as a watercolour.Soft haired brushes are mostly used for watercolour or tempera painting, with bristle mainly for oils.I always use Langton watercolour paper, which I wash first so that no spots appear when laying on the colour.I have just started using the medium of watercolour, struggling along and producing paintings of a particular subject.Other watercolour and drawing papers are available.Stretching watercolour paper How do I stretch watercolour papers so that they remain completely smooth during use?
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