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waterloggedwa‧ter‧logged /ˈwɔːtəlɒɡd $ ˈwɒːtərlɒːɡd, ˈwɑː-, -lɑːɡd/ adjective  1 WETa waterlogged area of land is flooded with water and cannot be usedwaterlogged ground/soil Heavy rain meant the pitch was waterlogged.see thesaurus at wet2 TTWa waterlogged boat is full of water and may sinkwaterlogging noun [uncountable] The race was cancelled due to waterlogging.
Examples from the Corpus
waterloggedThe game was cancelled because the field was waterlogged.The pits have become lakes and the land around them is damp or waterlogged.You can plant the seeds anytime, as long as the soil is not frozen or waterlogged.Above this the soil has become waterlogged.Large tracts of land will be waterlogged and rendered saline, and innumerable species of wildlife destroyed for ever.It will be free-draining so that it is never waterlogged and will be well aerated.The National Guard went in yesterday to help waterlogged communities in Louisiana.I forgot my wetness, my dripping jeans, the soggy waterlogged ground.Most of the apparent paths led into long waterlogged hollows.The same was found to apply to pellets in waterlogged or permanently wet conditions.Engineers were to begin Monday an attempt to dry out the waterlogged San Pedro mountain by drilling two 300-foot-deep wells.waterlogged ground/soilAll the others ties were postponed because of waterlogged grounds.Dead plants can not rot properly in the waterlogged soil.I forgot my wetness, my dripping jeans, the soggy waterlogged ground.However, in some localities, such as below the water table and in waterlogged soils, reducing conditions can prevail.The limiting factor for early planting is more often waterlogged soil than cold temperatures.
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