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watermillwa‧ter‧mill /ˈwɔːtəˌmɪl $ ˈwɒːtər-, ˈwɑː-/ noun [countable]  TPWa mill that operates using water
Examples from the Corpus
watermillThey claim a watermill they own will be flooded as a result.It stands on the site of a watermill recorded in Domesday Book as belonging to the Manor of Walthamstow.Of them all Claythorpe watermill is the one most worthy of exploration.The old watermill was demolished a few years ago, but was active until 1960.It contains not only a Rope Museum and Blacksmith's Shop but a working watermill too.Running through this field is a stream which feeds a most admirably restored and fully working watermill.Mill at work: The only working watermill in Cleveland opens to the public tomorrow.
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