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waterworkswa‧ter‧works /ˈwɔːtəwɜːks $ ˈwɒːtərwɜːrks, ˈwɑː-/ noun [plural]  1 TECthe system of pipes and water supplies in a town or city2 a building in which water is cleaned and then pumped to houses, buildings etc3 turn on the waterworks4 informalHBH the organs in your body through which urine (=liquid waste) is removed
Examples from the Corpus
waterworksThe gasworks and waterworks would, of course, serve the mill as well.Landscaping will include waterworks, a reference to the ocean view the museum will enjoy.No other waterworks project in history has forced the resettlement of so many people.They'd look at the waterworks and come back.In the name of self-help, the Masai were asked to pay for the waterworks by selling cattle.It is recorded that when the Local Government Board assumed control of the waterworks in 1854, Henry was most upset.Before Reagan turned on the waterworks, crying in public was widely considered a sign of weakness.Aliens do not steer themselves through space guided by the village waterworks.
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