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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaterywa‧ter‧y /ˈwɔːtəri $ ˈwɒː-, ˈwɑː-/ adjective  1 LIQUIDfull of water or relating to water Her eyes were red and watery from crying. Snakes lay eggs in a watery environment.2 COLOUR/COLORvery weak or pale a watery sun She gave him a watery smile.3 LIQUIDwatery food or drink contains too much water and has little taste a bowl of watery stew4 a watery grave
Examples from the Corpus
wateryThe coffee is horrible - really weak and watery.All they had to eat for weeks was bread and watery cabbage soup.Nicole got a cup of watery coffee from the machine downstairs.The airline even staged a memorial near the watery crater in the Everglades.All week-end long, it sat on the kitchen table staring at him like a cold watery eye.Ragweed causes runny noses and watery eyes.On the walls are framed prints of herons and egrets in cypress swamps and watery glades.Steward needed three shots to escape his watery grave and had a drenched set of waterproofs to prove it.a watery green lightThe net curtains were planets of watery growth.In the eyes of the neighbours a watery oblivion.Lava lamps adorned the stage, while watery, pulsating lights flashed behind them.Men and boys send it arching, watery tributes.eyes ... wateryHe'd got thinner and the blue eyes were getting watery, but nothing would persuade him to rest.His eyes were watery, tears collected at the corners.
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