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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwavywav‧y /ˈweɪvi/ adjective  1 DCBwavy hair grows in waves2 CFa wavy line is smoothly curved
Examples from the Corpus
wavyWhen growing emerse, the leaves are short, oval and wavy.The flag's stripes are wavy and alternate in color.The margins of the valves are often wavy, and deeply folded in other species.Her short wavy black hair was combed neatly back from a rather narrow sloping forehead with prominent brow ridges.If that friend has Netscape animation, the sonnet will do a wavy dance.It sort of humped up in the middle, sucking water with it, shrugging sprays of water from its wavy edges!He wore his carefully combed wavy hair, dark brown with tinges of gray, rather long.A series of wavy lines appeared on the video monitor.Eventually we came across a rope of animal tracks dropped across the pan, its wavy parallels disappearing into shimmer.To others it is the wavy symbol of the primal waters attached to the cross of matter.
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