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wax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etcwax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etcALSAYto talk with extreme feeling, liking, or pleasure about something – used humorouslywax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etc about Journalists wax lyrical about the band. wax
Examples from the Corpus
wax aboutWill Ruby Wax lyrical about her smear test and will Oliver Reed flash his wedding tackle?In the pub, beer glass in hand, he waxed lyrical about how he would spend his earnings.You didn't even wax lyrical about the incredibly romantic island we could see from the cliff-top at the cape.You're waxing lyrical about the M25 and the hopelessness of building more roads.Marie Claire devoted last October's issue to the disease, and carried photos of topless celebrities waxing lyrical about their assets.Before waxing lyrical about types of communication we need firstly to appreciate the uniqueness of the hotel environment.
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