Sense: 1,5
Date: 1300-1400
Origin: WAX1
Sense: 2-4
Origin: Old English weaxan 'to grow'


2 verb
Related topics: Hair and Beauty, Nature, Astronomy
1 [transitive] to rub a layer of wax into a floor, surface etc to protect it or make it shine

wax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etc

to talk with extreme feeling, liking or pleasure about something - used humorously
wax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical etc about
Journalists wax lyrical about the band.
3 [intransitive]DNHA when the moon waxes, it seems to get bigger each night [≠ wane]

wax and wane

to increase and decrease over time:
Interest in the show has waxed and waned.
5 [transitive]DCB if you wax your legs, arms etc, you remove the hair from them using wax

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