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way around/round/up

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishway around/round/upway around/round/upORDER/SEQUENCEPLACEa particular order or position that something should be in Which way around does this skirt go?the other way around/round/up (=in the opposite order or position) The picture should be the other way up. Art reflects life, or is it the other way around (=is it ‘life reflects art’)?the right/wrong way around/round/up Are the batteries in the wrong way round? way
Examples from the Corpus
the right/wrong way around/round/upMake sure the brushes go back the right way up - match them with the side you have not yet removed.The first step: learning how to hold the book the right way up.No, he corrected himself: that was to put it the wrong way round.The conclusion is patently the wrong way around.The board he's sitting at in your picture has the pieces the wrong way round.When the paper is fed between this second roller and an impression roller, the image is printed the right way round.Do you feel that was the right way round for you?Church twisted his head sideways as if the writing were the wrong way round.
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