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way of life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishway of lifeˌway of ˈlife ●●○ noun (plural ways of life) [countable]  1 LIFEthe behaviour, habits, customs etc that are typical of a particular society or person The tribe’s traditional way of life is under threat.the American/British etc way of life2 IMPORTANTa job or interest that is so important that it affects everything you do For Mark, travelling has become a way of life.
Examples from the Corpus
way of lifeFund raising, as we know, is here to stay and is now a way of life.The old way of life had disappeared.They had little time to be lonely or to mourn for their old way of life.By respecting these freedoms, the law upholds the right to choose a particular way of life.The aspirant towards a more spiritual way of life will be thrown entirely off the scent.Such was their isolation that their way of life hardly reflected at all the kind to be found just a dozen miles away.Leaders noted that islanders in the region had made little contribution to the problems which now threaten their way of life.Tribe elders want to protect their traditional way of life.Nursing isn't just a job; it's a whole way of life.traditional way of lifePearson searches for the period when such a stable, traditional way of life supposedly held sway.The basic mechanism that undermines the traditional way of life is the ever increasing number and density of the population.The Grand Council of the Cree argue that completion of the project would destroy their traditional way of life.become a way of lifeWooding, as it was called, became a way of life.Within this context he also criticized families for whom welfare assistance had become a way of life.Jazz had become a way of life for her.However, the shame is that for some health service insiders it has become a way of life.It has become a way of life for you.For Thompson, living with the knee became a way of life.Although it has now become a way of life, I still find it disturbing.
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