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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaybillway‧bill /ˈweɪbɪl/ noun [countable]  a document sent with goods that says where the goods are to be delivered, how much they are worth, and how much they weigh
Examples from the Corpus
waybillThe contract of carriage by road shall be confirmed by a consignment note, sometimes referred to as a waybill.Unlike the neutral air waybill, however, it is issued on behalf of a freight forwarder, not an airline.Several types of air waybills have emerged as a result of the type of agency relationship involved.This proprietary air waybill can be issued only by the airline whose identity is pre-printed on its or its agent's document.Consequently, the air waybill did not require presentation to obtain possession of the goods.The agent enters the airline identification when the air waybill is issued.As do their land and sea counterparts, air carriers delegate the power to issue waybills to various types of agents.The sea waybill also allows the consignor to vary his delivery instructions to the carrier at any time during the carriage.
From Longman Business Dictionarywaybillway‧bill /ˈweɪbɪl/ noun [countable]TRANSPORT a document stating the number of goods being carried on a ship, train, plane etc and the place they are going toThisair waybill can be issued only by the airline whose name appears on it.
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