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weak points/spots

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweak points/spotsweak points/spotsthe parts of something that can easily be attacked or criticized Check your house for weak spots where a thief could enter. weak
Examples from the Corpus
weak points/spotsAre you naturally more cautious, preferring to test the strength of your enemy before striking at his weak points?What are his strong and weak points?We examined our weak points, and turned them into strengths.However, in most of these, effusive approval is showered upon her, and her weak points are minimized.Positive interpretation of weaknesses Be honest about assessing your weak points as well.Scattered in pursuit, they provided perfect weak points for our counterattack.That is why molecular studies designed to find the weak points in the viral attack must continue, Trono said.He had not dealt with the bishop's weak points nor, according to Hooker, had he carried the audience with him.
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