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weak spot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweak spotweak spota) FAULT/something WRONGa point at which someone or something is not very good I carried on with my questions, sensing a weak spot in his story. b) American EnglishLIKE somebody OR something if someone has a weak spot for something, they like it very much I’ve always had a weak spot for chocolate. spot
Examples from the Corpus
weak spotFind a weak spot and pick at it.If this type of interviewer senses a weak spot he or she will hang on in there - mercilessly.So while the weather is reasonably dry, check the exterior for weak spots in the defences.He had two fundamental weak spots.A young teenage girl often becomes hypercritical of her mum-and knows exactly how to hit her weak spots.Its only weak spot is in coping with bigger potholes, which send a jarring crash through the bodyshell.Fogarty told me he was eleven when he understood his own weak spot.Rheumatic fever as a child, so the infection settled there, on the weakest spot.
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