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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwealthywealth‧y /ˈwelθi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative wealthier, superlative wealthiest)  1 RICHhaving a lot of money, possessions etc syn richvery/extremely/immensely/fabulously etc wealthy He left as a poor, working class boy and returned as a wealthy man. the wealthy nations of the worldsee thesaurus at rich2 the wealthy
Examples from the Corpus
wealthyBorn to a wealthy cloth merchant, Francis lived a lavish and irresponsible life.The new taxes were aimed at the largest and wealthiest corporations.It is funded by taxpayers of the wealthier countries.He is also wealthy enough to buy survival.She comes from a wealthy family, who own houses in London and Paris.Joan comes from a wealthy familyHe probably, she thought, came from a wealthy family.These are nothing but elitist attempts at separating classes and colors and keeping the poor where the wealthy have put them.You would never have guessed from meeting him how immensely wealthy he was.The Coach House originally provided stabling for a wealthy rector who lived next door.A young woman does not mate faithfully with a wealthy tycoon.very/extremely/immensely/fabulously etc wealthyAfter all, he was an eminently eligible man, attractive and immensely wealthy.He seized the assets of all those he held, doubtless exceeding his authority in cases of the very wealthy.I have a friend who is very wealthy.They went to Cartier's in the Landmark, the black and gold shopping mall for the extremely wealthy.So a few very wealthy contributors can make up for the absence of a great number of more modest donations.By the time he died, though, he had filed over a thousand patents and was a very wealthy man.Mention the average client rather than an extremely wealthy one-unless you helped him or her get that way.Alan's father died during his first year at Breakspear, leaving him a very wealthy young man.
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