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wear well

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwear wellwear wella) to remain in good condition after a period of time The tyres on the car seem to be wearing well. b) if someone is wearing well, they look younger than they really are He must have been around his mid-forties at least, but he’d worn well. wear
Examples from the Corpus
wear wellVibram: a brand name for a traditional tough and heavy-duty patterned sole which wears well.Pavement's album from 1991 still wears well.He was producing boots that sold well but did not wear well.If he was Sorrel's father, then he must have been around his mid-forties at least, but he'd worn well.That bit of you has worn well!Brass wears as well as steel in most hinges.But most have stayed and worn well, reassuring and fixed points in an otherwise changing landscape.He has worn well, she mused.A dense pile wears better than a loosely-woven one, which can be parted to reveal the backing.His haughtiness did not wear well with the Republicans who controlled both houses of the legislature.
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