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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweathermanweath‧er‧man /ˈweðəmæn $ -ər-/ noun (plural weathermen /-men/) [countable]  HEMAMTa man on television or radio who tells you what the weather will be like
Examples from the Corpus
weathermanSome outlying villages were still under several feet of water yesterday and weathermen warned of more to come in the holiday weekend.And weathermen warn that worse is to come.This must be Nicholas Kreditor, our weatherman, and the Imperial Hotel.Television reporters who talk about inflation usually have no more economics training than television weathermen have meteorological expertise.This simple network performed as well or better than the weatherman during a two-week test.The weathermen said the storm had rivalled summer hurricanes in its intensity.It wasn't supposed to happen, but who trusts weathermen?
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