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weatherproofweath‧er‧proof /ˈweðəpruːf $ -ər-/ adjective  DCWEATHERweatherproof clothing or material can keep out wind and rainweatherproof verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
weatherproofCotton threads expand in the wet which means that the fly, although heavier, becomes more taut and more weatherproof.He turned up shortly after ten in gumboots, corduroys, pullover and the trusty green weatherproof.What you want to know is: Is the building structurally sound and weatherproof?Verdict: Versatile weatherproof camera capable of good-quality results.It includes handmade umbrellas with bamboo poles and struts, and handpainted weatherproof cotton canopies.The guide, in common with general style, comes with a flexible, weatherproof cover.These shells were traditionally made of cotton, a durable and weatherproof fabric, but heavy by today's standards.Layers of clothes, snow boots and weatherproof headgear were the order of the day.
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