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webbingweb‧bing /ˈwebɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  TIMstrong woven material in narrow bands, used for supporting seats, holding things etc
Examples from the Corpus
webbingHe had grenades strapped to his chest with military webbing.The base of each pole is then inserted into brass eyelets on nylon webbing which are attached to the groundsheet.The company also produce webbing and stretch neoprene straps.Zips: the two-way zip is well protected inside with a baffle and has anti-snag webbing along its full length.This is due to stiff webbing running along the full length of the zip.His fingers opened, the knife bounced on the trampoline webbing and fell through into the sea.The pouches are sewn on to 2in wide webbing, which is fully adjustable to fit from 30in to 46in girth.
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