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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwebsiteweb‧site /ˈwebsaɪt/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  a place on the Internet where you can find information about something, especially a particular organization For more information on weight loss and healthy eating, visit our website.on a website Responses will be posted (=put) on the website.GrammarYou see or put something on a website: You can find details on our website. Don’t say: You can find details in our website.COLLOCATIONSverbshave a websiteDoes the company have its own website? visit a websiteYou can visit the university’s website to get more information.post something on a website (=put something there)She posted the photos on her website.download something from a websiteHome study materials can be downloaded from their website.design a website (=make and structure a website so that it works well)Students learn how to design their own websites.create a website (=make one)The pupils created a website on Henry VIII.launch a website (=start one)The government has launched a website containing information on environmental issues.bookmark a website (=mark a website so that you can easily find it again)If you're looking for good local hiking trails, bookmark this website.adjectivesan official websiteThe International Olympic Committee’s official website has a lot of interesting information.phrasesa hit on a website (=an occasion when someone visits a website)There have already been 5000 hits on our website.a page of a website (=a single screen of writing, pictures etc on a website)The website only has three pages.a link to a website (=something on one website that takes you to another website)His home page has a link to the website.
Examples from the Corpus
websiteThese efforts are being coordinated through a website.The council has put an emergency radiation leak plan on its website which reads like a throwback to the Cold War.Meanwhile, the division and subdivisions of News Corp were all busy launching standalone websites and start-up internet services.When a pupil is genuinely interested in a topic we can direct them to the website.Most financial services companies now run useful websites.
From Longman Business Dictionarywebsiteweb‧site /ˈwebsaɪt/ noun [countable]COMPUTING a place on the Internet where you can find information about something, especially a particular organization. All websites have an address which begins with ‘htt/p:/’ SYN siteThe website is regularly updated.
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