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weddingwed‧ding /ˈwedɪŋ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 wedding.jpg SSFMARRYa marriage ceremony, especially one with a religious service She’s busy planning her daughter’s wedding. When is the wedding?2 (hear the sound of) wedding bellsCOLLOCATIONSverbsgo to a wedding (also attend a wedding formal)I’m going to a wedding on Saturday.About 100 people attended the wedding.come to the weddingShe wrote to say she couldn’t come to the wedding.conduct a wedding formal (=say the official words and perform the actions at a wedding)Their wedding was conducted by the local priest.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + weddinga church weddingI wanted a church wedding.a big wedding (=with a lot of guests)They couldn’t afford a big wedding.a quiet/small wedding (=with not many guests)We had a quiet wedding, with just a few close friends and relatives.a white wedding (=a traditional wedding where the bride wears a white dress)She had always wanted a white wedding.a traditional wedding (=at a church, with the bride wearing a white dress)I wanted a more traditional wedding.a registry office wedding British English (=at a local government office, not in a church)They decided to have a registry office wedding.a civil wedding American English (=a wedding that is not performed by a religious leader)Only church or civil weddings have full legal status.wedding + NOUNsomebody’s wedding dayShe looked beautiful on her wedding day.somebody’s wedding nightThey spent their wedding night in a hotel.somebody’s wedding anniversaryThey celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in May.the wedding ceremonyHer uncle, a priest, conducted the wedding ceremony.the wedding service (=the ceremony in a church)It was a beautiful wedding service.the wedding reception (=the large formal meal or party after a wedding)Her uncle got drunk at the wedding reception.the wedding breakfast British English (=the meal after a wedding, usually in the afternoon)the wedding cakeThe bride and groom cut the wedding cake.a wedding present/giftHe gave them a painting as a wedding present.a wedding guestAll the wedding guests laughed.a wedding invitationThey had already sent out all the wedding invitations.a wedding photograph/picturemy mother’s old wedding photographsTHESAURUSwedding a ceremony in which two people get married, especially one with a religious serviceWe had our wedding in the local church.a registry office weddingmarriage a wedding. Marriage is less common and more formal than weddingTheir marriage will take place in Westminster Abbey.reception a large formal meal or party after a weddingWhere will you be having your reception?honeymoon a holiday taken by two people who have just got marriedWe’re going to Barbados for our honeymoon.
Examples from the Corpus
weddingBut Jacques Lipchitz, who had recently married, decided to commission Modigliani to paint a wedding portrait.Mom always cries at weddings.He had wanted her himself so badly, and when he'd heard of her wedding he had been insanely jealous.Roy had been working for him since three weeks after his wedding, and he hated it.He plans to go ahead with his wedding, which was postponed last Wednesday, on his return to Sarajevo.The couple plan to celebrate the victory and their seventh wedding anniversary by taking their children to Disneyworld in Florida.After the wedding the bride and groom went straight to the airport for their flight to Fiji.Have you sent out the wedding invitations yet?The couple also got £2,000 cash that helped to make their wedding reception a feast to remember.Are you going to have a traditional white wedding?
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