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Language: Old English
Origin: wicu


Related topics: Chronology
week S1 W1 [countable]
1TMC a period of seven days and nights, usually measured in Britain from Monday to Sunday and in the US from Sunday to Saturday
once/twice/three times etc a week
Letters were delivered twice a week only.
I can't see you this week.
last/next week (=the week before or after this one)
See you next week.
2TMC any period of seven days and nights
for a week/two weeks etc
I've been living here for six weeks.
in a week/two weeks etc (=one, two etc weeks from now)
If he hasn't phoned in a week, I'll phone him.
It will cost you an estimated £10 per week to feed one dog.
The training program lasts three weeks.
3BE the part of the week when you go to work, usually from Monday to Friday [= working week]:
a 35-hour week
during the week
I don't see her during the week.

Monday week/Tuesday week etc

British EnglishTMC a week after the day that is mentioned:
We're off to Spain Sunday week.

a week on Monday etc

British English a week from Monday etc American English a week after the day that is mentioned:
The Reids are coming for dinner a week from Sunday.
Keith's coming home two weeks on Saturday (=two weeks after next Saturday).

week after week

also week in week out continuously for many weeks:
We do the same things week in week out.

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