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weeknightweek‧night /ˈwiːknaɪt/ noun [countable]  TMCany night except Saturday and Sunday
Examples from the Corpus
weeknightThere had been a weeknight meeting, held once a fortnight, at Ballintaggart.The web site proved to be a bit bulky and tough to maneuver during a weeknight trial run...So what is the management serving the young hipsters who crowd this bar even on a weeknight?Recently, we were tucked into one of the last available booths on what looked to be a brisk weeknight.If the message didn't sink in on a Sunday a range of weeknight meetings reinforced it.The plays can be seen separately on weeknights or together in marathon weekend performances.On weeknights, Williams spends much of his rare non-working hours coordinating with his volunteers about who will work when.A task which involved organising all the Sunday services, Sunday school and several weeknight activities.
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