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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweepyweep‧y1 /ˈwiːpi/ adjective informal  CRYtending to cry a lot
Examples from the Corpus
weepyHer eyes were red and weepy.It made me get a little weepy.It was no time for me to be getting weepy.I felt all weepy and emotional as Karen and I drove home together.Although Anna still experiences slight bloating and feels a little weepy before a period, her energy levels in general have increased.Gao Yang was frightened by his rotten, misshapen teeth and weepy, festering eyes.I don't care how weepy the cause is.
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weepyweepy2, weepie noun (plural weepies) [countable] informal  AMALa film or story that is intended to make people cry
Examples from the Corpus
weepyYou don't actually come out whistling any tunes from it, but it's a real weepy with good sets.
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