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weigh a ton

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweigh a tonweigh a toninformalHEAVY to be very heavy Your bag weighs a ton! ton
Examples from the Corpus
weigh a tonThey were full of books and weighed a ton.Your bag weighs a ton!I expect the cab weighs a ton, but the whole kit is still very portable, size-wise.Some one mentioned to me that 18 to 24 inches of snow on a driveway 10 by 40 feet weighs a ton.What on earth have you got in this suitcase? It weighs a ton!It looked as though it weighed a ton and seemed to quiver every so often.The shire horses are direct descendants of the great war horses, and each one weighs a ton.That piano weighs a ton. You'll need four men to lift it.Each one seemed to weigh a ton at least to four small eight-year-olds.That thing over there seems to weigh a ton.
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